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Problems with Black Hair 

The most common color of human hair is black which is most commonly found in people with non-European heritage. Black hair is different from blonde, brown and red hair since it has large amounts of eumelanin, the pigment that makes the hair dark. Black hair is also less dense than other hair colors. Black hair consists of the dark brown hair to those that are really black and is considered to be the shiniest out of all other colors.

Black hair also comes in a variety of textures. For most African-Americans, their black hair has the afro-texture which tends to be kinky. This characteristic of African-American hair leads to problems with their black hair. One problem of black hair is that it is curly and has a different biological structure from straight hair. Curly black hair tends to be a lot drier than short hair. The reason for this is that the oil that is secreted by the sebaceous glands of the scalp can easily travel the entire hair length of straight hair. Oil from the scalp usually have difficulty reaching the entire length of curly black hairs and therefore, people with curly, afro-textured black hair would often find their hair to be dry. Another scientific basis for black hair to be drier than other hair colors is that the color black tends to absorb all the light and is heated more than other hair colors that reflect light. This is the reason why hair products designed for the curly black hair have more essential oils in its ingredients.

Humidity is an environmental factor that can affect any type or color of hair because it forces water back into the hair fiber which would lead to the hair shaft to return to its original structure. High humidity in the environment makes it hard to style hair of any color. However, this is another problem of black hair since curly hair tends to become noticeably frizzier when the humidity rises.

Black hair tends to be brittle hair and therefore delicate care is needed to maintain it. As black hair has the tendency to become dry, it is important to moisturize it to keep it healthy. Leave-in hair conditioners for black hair are suitable products to maintain moisture in the hair. However, it is important to use conditioners that are lighter than the hair so that black hair would not be weighted down.

Hair is considered the crowning glory of every person. Treating black hair with care would lead to a healthy crown over one’s head.


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